Self-fulfillment, self-development

“Strive for progress, not perfection.”

I have never heard a fellow gym-goer say something along the lines of “I’m strong enough”. Naturally this concerns speed, agility, size, aesthetics or general athleticism.

While we can set up certain goals and achieve them, we are never 100% satisified with our current form. There is always more room to improve. The never ending battle to be better is one of the many reasons we ought to look up on athletes of all kinds.

This is development. We grow as a person during training, but we are never done. Never fulfilled.

Psychologists like to refer to self-fulfillment as the ultimate goal of all. While in itself it sounds good, it is nigh unapproachable by most due to the jealous nature of our society. How can I be content while there are so many better than myself?

This philosophy is bad for your health. Physical and mental. Don’t seek to outdo others, outdo yourself. While competition can be a good driving force, being better than everybody else is simply bad motivation and propably unobatainable for most. Perserverence matters, sure, but potential exists as well. While we can alter our circumstances, we can only do it to some extent.

Finding the fine line between fulfillment and development is the key to inner peace. Be content with who you are today, but don’t rest and stagnate. Always improve. Every day wake up a better person. And every time be happy with who you are, because who you are is a person moving ever forward.

One thought on “Self-fulfillment, self-development

  1. Great article.

    I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not, but it actually draws upon ancient Vedic wisdom – I highly recommend reading Patanjali’s Yogasutras – it’s a most satisfying read, provided that you’re willing to digest the archaic linguistic form and methods of expression.

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