To each his own

There is incredible arrogance among many exercise enthusiasts. They believe that the discipline they are specializing in is the one everybody else should be doing, the rest being a waste of time and effort. This is wrong. We all have different bodies and goals, and we all should be respectful about how we want to treat those bodies. I am of a mind that as long as a person is actually healthy and active, then there is nothing wrong with the given way he or she trains. Be it weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, crossfit, running, swimming, fighting or virtually any diffrent sport. If it makes you happy and healthy – good for you. Keep doing it and progressing in your given discipline.

I personally have chosen powerlifting as my main goal and will keep doing it until I am satisfied with how strong I am. There is something very alluring about being able to move that much weight, altough I must say that putting a lot of it over your head seems incredibly fun too, so it may be that I will try to implement weightlifting into my routines when I am finished with the current program.

Ever since I started powerlifting my conditioning went downhill. It is entirely my fault and something I am not happy with. I also need to work on mobility to achieve wider range of motion. Even though currently my main goals are strength oriented I will try not to stagnate in other areas of fitness. Being functional is very important to me and I believe it should be to all.

I am aware that at the begging of this post I stated that everyone should be doing what he or she likes to do. Having said that, however, I also believe that excessive bodybuilding is not good for you health. There, I said it. Not everyone digs functionality, some people focus on aesthetics and I get that. What is beyond me is how can you allow your body to be so unbalanced that if you do a little bit of strenous activity you risk a heart attack. I think that having so much muscle mass that your natural hormone levels can’t sustain it is going a little overboard. Therefore it is my belief that today’s era bodybuilders are no longer healthy, which should be a priority even if you are competing.

2 thoughts on “To each his own

  1. Dear Kai,

    it’s very interesting what you are writing about and also full of balance and responsibility. It’s for sure very valuable to train under the supervision of such trainer as you are. I wish you a lot of fun and success with your work. I would like for me and probably a lot of other persons to read your elaborates also in polnish.

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