Glorified circuit training

There is no more controversial topic in the fitness industry than CrossFit, maybe supplementation can be on par. This training methotology drew so much attention in such a short amount of time it’s no wonder there are two opposing sides to the debacle. My view on the subject is in the shades of grey. I’m not a blind follower of CrossFit HQ, but I’m not blasting them at every turn, either.

What I believe is being done wrong – but at the other hand, there’s very little people can do about it, because the human element is at work here. There is no point to full on randomization. I understand that this methodology calls for diffrent workouts each time, but there must be some kind of progression and periodization. Few boxes can manage this kind of programming (a good example of how to do this right is Tricity Crossfit). Throwing random WODs at people every time they show up at the box does not promote growth in the field. It may work for some time for those that are new to the sport, or – more likely – new to exercise itself, but in the long run it is damaging.

Doing everything for time. This is a big issue, because WODs incorporate a lot of weightlifting and other technical, whole body movements. People can get easily injured if not well coached. I believe that teaching people that proper form is much more important than a fast rep is mandatory. An easy way to achieve this i simply by no-repping them at any sign of improper movement and cuing them right the next time. Supervision is extremely important, which is why classes shouldn’t be overcrowded.

Now let’s move on to the merits. Promoting overall growth. This is great. Being good at everything is important for everybody. Endurance, stamina, strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, balance, accuracy, coordination. These are the so called foundations and must be worked in tandem in order to become fittest and being fit – as stated on – is the preparedness not only for the unknown, but the unknowable. That ability to adapt no matter what is being thrown at you. To efficently act at any given time, under any circumstances. As I said – important for everybody.

When done right CrossFit is a great tool to become a fitter version of oneself across broad domains. If you are of a mind to try this methotology out I urge to find a capable coach and box. This is paramount in order to remain healthy and not injured.

2 thoughts on “Glorified circuit training

  1. “That ability to adapt no matter what is being thrown at you. To efficently act at any given time, under any circumstances. As I said – important for everybody.”

    I absolutely agree. I keep stressing this myself.

    Nevertheless I must admit it was hard to fully appreciate this article as it appears to have been written for people with some basic knowledge of the subject and its jargon. If that’s what you meant to do, I get it, just that for a novice some of this can be quite perplexing.

    Would you consider running a short explanatory article, adding depth and explaining some of the things you mention here?

    • There is not enough information to convey by just explaining this article to the uninitated to write a separate article about, but If you would be kind enough to send me your questions via email I promise to answer them with the utmost dilligence.

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