Shameful enhancers

Public scrutiny of performance ehnancing drugs is incredibly intense. There is a bigger lashout after hearing someone is on anabolics than after, say, psychadelics. People look to others that excessivly drink, smoke or use and see nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to be concerned about. But if you did a single cycle of testosterone then you need serious help with that body dysmorphia of yours. Not to mention the severe side effects that will propably shorten your lifespan by ten years. The ignorance is screaming so loud it’s deafening.

I understand why it may be frowned upon to use PEDs while being an athlete. I get why it is considered cheating. However I think it is common knowledge among people who can tell the diffrence between a natural and someone on gear, that top-level athletes use it. The tests fail time and time again to the point where I don’t see the reason to still ban the usage of steroids. I believe that regulating that use, not banning it, would bring more benefits to athletes and the general population. Now some of you may argue that making steroids only avaible through prescription is regulating it. I agree to some extent, but I also believe that this is a measure taken too far. Making it avaible through a physitian to everyone could yield good results. After counseling the doctor, a prescription is fashioned, the dosage agreed upon and examination follows through, and after, the cycle.

While there definitely are side effects to taking anabolics, their frequency and intensity are overblown. Yes, it may get serious if someone is careless about monitoring their use and how his or hers body reacts. The same thing however can happen with aspirin. In fact I believe that alcohol, which is legalised, has far more severe effects on our bodies and minds. Ofcourse there’s nothing wrong with a party each weekend, right? But it is wrong when someone wishes to enhance their performance, because they weren’t gifted with natural high testosterone levels. With those declining generation after generation it would be beneficial to our health to increase them, contrary to popular belief.

One thought on “Shameful enhancers

  1. I am as far as promoting any sort of artificial substance as one can get.

    Nevertheless at the same time I get that if one has no other lifestyle options that the urban one – a lifestyle that can be absolutely devoid of any sort of physical (or mental…) effort – one has better chances at maintaining good health by e.g. pumping iron and regulating hormone levels via PEDs and similar measures.

    People tend to argue that there are other ways to achieve good health – but I don’t ever see them following their own “advice”, so perhaps it would serve them well to keep it a bit more humble.

    I watched an interview with this doctor guy that used very small dosages of T every day for several years. He was in his 60s – still an athletic, sexually active man – and he actually looked more like 40-45. Worked quite well for him, I guess. And he stated that T should be available to everyone – via prescriptions, very similarly to what you had proposed in this post.

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