Overboard dieting

Due to having issues with self-image a lot of active girls consume so little that their caloric deficit reaches as much as 1000kcal and more. Not only is it hard to absorb all the necessary minerals and vitamins on a diet such as this, it’s detrimental to health in other ways too.

When a human body does not get enough energy everyday to fuel itself it shuts down systems it deems unnecessary for survival. In women this surfaces most commonly as problems with the menstrual cycle. There are women that have skipped their period for two years propably in everyone’s proximity, when fertility problems arise as soon as a couple of months. This is a big issue that I don’t see being tackled.

Another reason for this can be not consuming enough fat, even though the rest of the diet is reasonable. Female athletes often suffer because of this. Among women there is this belief, born in the 90s, that low fat diets are healthy. This is simply not true, eating fats is incredibly important, I can’t stress this enough. Also if you are fit and not overweight than there is no such thing as ‘bad’ fats. Some of them may be carcinogenic if you use them for frying, but there are many that do not have any adverse side effects no matter how heated up they get. Saturated or unsatured – we need both of those in healthy doses.

Now when an active woman goes to a gynaecologist the doctor almost always presribes contraceptive pills to deal with the symptoms rather than the cause of the issue. On the other hand some female athletes are happy that they are skipping menstruation, as it can interfere with the training regimen. There is nothing to be happy about, this is an issue and it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Adjust and monitor your diet, please.


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