Morale falters

Motivation comes and goes, discipline is forever.

Indeed it is. We should not rely on outside sources of motivation to compell us to workout. I can understand that watching a video or staring at a couple of pictures depicting fit men and women can be motivating to some, but this road leads to nowhere. You are getting hyped up by creating unrealistic expactations of what your training regimen will yield you. Dehydrated, oiled up and photoshopped models smile at the camera. The text says something along the lines “that can be you in 2 years”. Unless we invent real world image editors then no, that can’t be you. Did you know that Hugh Jackman dehydrates himself for 36 hours before a shirtless scene as Wolverine?

On top of that motivation is a fleeting thing, it’s great to possess it and, by all means, we should treasure it, but we should not lean on it’s temporary effect of euphoria and the will to act. If you make yourself train when you are not motivated and you can finish without half-assing your workout – that’s when you create discipline. A force that is much stronger, but harder to acquire. It will drive you to the apex of your abilities if you let it.

There is no better way to achieve your athletic goals than to be disciplined and it is much easier said than done. But we can’t forget to enjoy life outside of fitness. Let’s be frank, most of us aren’t proffesional athletes. We don’t get paid to train and we do not get paid for the results of that training. Keeping in mind that your life must be balanced in all things is important. Keep your diet and regimen in check but be mindful not to ignore the rest of your life. And believe me, there’s plenty more to life than eating, training and sleeping. Although to most of us doing a physical activity helps with other areas of life, some get carried away on a self-rightous path to be better than everyone else. Take care of your loved ones, nurture your friendships and above all else – remember that what’s truly important is to enjoy yourself and to get what you want. The question is if you want to get what you want now or what you want most.

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