Uninteresting training

You absolutely should not change your training program just because it bores you. You are not training to have fun, you are doing it to achieve a certain goal. Being disappointed about a certain regimen due to its uneventfulness can be understood, but if you are making good progress because of it, then you should stick with it.

There is a strong case of fuckaroundatis among gym-goers. It spreads like the most viral of diseases. People go into a fitness club to minx, socialize, maybe train a little, but not too hard. And it has to be fun of course, no boring stuff. Then they try ever new exercises, each one stranger then the one before. Yet what works for years for countless other athletes and is working still is somehow being overlooked. Squats are bad for your knees. Deadlifts are bad for you lower back. Overheard and bench press damage your shoulders. Everyone is developing a phobia for snapping shit up – which is a good, but the thing is – those exercises are good for you in every way possible. If done right they not only strengthen your muscles, but also ligaments, joints. Unless we are talking about an injured person then there is nothing to fear. No reason to stray from the true and tested methods of training for size, strength and conditioning.

Information availability skyrocketed. There is such an abundance of it through the internet that by searching right, using sources that proved to be beneficial for many others we can easily find a program that suits our goals. Not everyone can craft it and although we are all different I believe that a private, written specifically for an individual is not necessarily better than the one we can find online. This concerns amateur trainees, rather than the ones that have been at it for quite some time. The longer we exercise, the less true this statement becomes.


2 thoughts on “Uninteresting training

    • The more advanced we become as athletes the more specific our regimen becomes. It is easier to spot imbalances and weaknesses when you know what you are doing and crafting a program targeting those drawbacks may be necessary to progress further.

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