Male archetype

It is important for each and every one of us to workout in some way, because preparedness of our bodies may be of utmost importance in the moment we least expect it.

There is no denying that human males are faster, stronger and better conditioned than females. One look at the numbers of Olympic events leads to such a conclusion. I do not claim that we are the stronger sex, simply that our physical bodies are more adept at taking on strenuous, physical tasks. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Taking care of your loved ones is a must for us all. That is why I believe that being ready to defend your family is paramount especially to males, as that role is not only put on us by society, but by the manifestation of our bodies itself. Lifting a car off your toddler, rescuing your daughter from a strong current or fending off street assailants may sound like comic book feats, rarely seen in real life, but those dangers are real. Those adrenaline-filled events may never happen in your proximity, but we should be prepared to act if they do nonetheless.

That is why I try to somehow stress working on our functionality and being a so-called jack of all trades. We oft forget about learning or relearning basic first aid. Many people in good shape do not care about being able to defend themselves and the ones they care about. Pacifist or not, sometimes violence comes for you. Specialties are fine, but lagging behind in some areas can prove fatal (figuratively and literally). Dramatic? Perhaps, but I would like to see a populace ready to answer alarming calls.


3 thoughts on “Male archetype

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you, brother. These are some very wise words that males (and females too – as in to help them choose a more responsible mate) should heed.

    Amazingly, preparedness somehow changed from a real goal to a TV pastime. I say those who care about their family and close friends should aim at reversing this disadvantageous tendency.

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