Meal frequency

It is widely believed that distributing your food intake across several meals during the day is beneficial and can improve you diet. While this is true, the reasoning behind this philosophy is unknown to most. Eating five, even meals every day does not promote fat loss or muscle gain.

We would lose the exact same amount of fat by eating at the same daily deficit whether we consume one big meal or several smaller ones. Dissecting the calories into different meals helps by improving the way we feel. Not eating for 18 hours can be very tedious. Consuming regular meals ensures that our energy levels remain steady throughout the day (which is further enforced by relying on fats and complex carbohydrates as your energy providers).

The same applies for a caloric surplus. There is no difference between eating one huge meal and eating several reasonable ones. However how it makes us feel is very important for functioning. Stuffing four thousand calories into our bodies in a single sitting will be detrimental to the way we feel through the rest of the day.

The amount of meals optimal to someone’s well-being is not the same for all of us. Usually more distribution leads to feeling better, but it is there is no rule that eating five is perfect. We need to consider our schedules and bodily reactions when creating the perfect meal plan.

Most sites advocate certain times for eating protein – in the morning, before a workout, post-workout, before going to bed et cetera. They rely on information provided by studies done on fasted athletes, paid for by supplement companies. It is no wonder the new INSERT GENERIC WHEY NAME provides an anabolic response in people that haven’t eaten in 16 hours. If we eat like normal human beings then protein timing does not serve any other function than making sure you feel good and not bloated.


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