Fragile youth

Parents seem reluctant to allow their children to train with weights. Usually they lift this ban by the time their offspring is around the age of sixteen. I compel fathers and mothers worldwide to lift the ban much earlier than that.

Resistance training is not only much safer than other sports (especially team sports – which are usually both parents’ and kids’ favorite – with good reason since they also build up on our social skill and team working, but I digress), if done properly it reduces the chances of injury in different sports.

The belief that weightlifting stunts growth is misplaced. Studies have indicated that no such phenomenon occurs and that both children and adolescents are safe to train with resistances and it is effective as a strength building exercise. And if we look at strength as the ability to exert force against resistance then it is a tool we use everyday throughout our entire lives. Then perhaps it would be wise to work on it to help with said life.

Over-protectiveness can be as damaging to our children as carelessness, when it comes to training they should be supervised but do not diminish their enthusiasm for any sport, that youthful spark in a kid’s eye will remain there if we allow him or her to pursue the goals that are important for him. I believe that almost any activity can be regressed in such a way to suit the goals of children.


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