My name is Kai Niedziela.

I was born in 1994, which is by all acounts, not so long ago. How come a beardless, young boy like me has anything to say? Inexperienced? I have been amassing knowledge regarding training and nutrition for the past four years. Not that long, but I can assure I have more than enough to pass on.

Unaccomplished? I propably never will be, while I am happy where I am right know, there are always more goals in sight and I will never lose track of those. I believe in commitment and discipline, lessons in which are necessary for all.

I am a gym instructor, coach, trainer, whatever you would call that proffesion. It is not only my job to help people be a better version of themsleves, it is my passion. I have helped men and women of various ages personally, I assure you that I can help you, in some ways, through this website as well.


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