Limitless in all ways

A healthy lifestyle is extremely addictive. Reaching and surpassing our goals, constantly feeling good as opposed to bouts of limited social anxiety during self-intoxication. Being energetic throughout the day, confidence skyrocketing, being up to any task, as our mental and physical capabilities increase. We can take it too far, but it rarely happens. So we stick with the lifestyle that provides us with happiness and well-being.

There is no limit as to how long we can keep taking care of our bodies. It is natural that seniors (or masters as they are often called in competitions) may not perform as well as individuals younger than they are. But constantly moving throughout our lives provides us not only with the benefits listed above, but also battles many so-called diseases of affluence. Osteoporosis is a fine example of those. Stress is being linked to many negative effects it has on our bodies. The immune system responds well to exercise, further strengthening the reasons as to why older people should train too.

It is no shame to start late. I have recently watched this beautiful video of a group of elders up to a hundred years old that were progressing and getting tangible results from CrossFit training. That says a lot about the methodology, but also and perhaps more-so about the fact that’s it’s never too late to start moving. It is truly incredible what our bodies can achieve if we let them.