Examine supplementation

The truth is that most supplements are a scam. And if they do work they tend to be heavily overpriced. They are advertised as muscle building magic, while in reality they do hardly that. Sponsored athletes make it seem like we can attribute a big part of their success to the supplements they are marketing. I believe that anyone’s fitness related achievements are helped by supplementation by about 1%.

People don’t want to hear that they have to work their asses off. That they need to diet hard and smart. That sleeping, training, eating and discipline in all things is what leads to success. They want to hear that if they take a magic pill it all would be easier.

Yes, there are some supplements that can effectively help you reach your goals, but they are often overblown. So before deciding to purchase anything I implore you to examine if it’s actually worth it. Whey protein can help you hit your daily macros. Caffeine can sometimes give you that extra boost during training. Creatine makes you marginally stronger. Some supplements do work – what you need to do is decide if you actually need them, and if so – then compare prices and qualities. Don’t get scammed.

Do not resent your idols and favourite athletes for advertising products that you know will not work as marketed. It is a part of the job and will not change if the consumers won’t change, which is unlikely. Those athletes still put in tremendous amounts of work to get where they are know and it is something to be admired, just don’t completely trust them regarding products from the company they are sponsored by.